NBA Shoot Out 98

PSX PlayStation NBA Shoot Out 98

Sony once again answers the rivalry call as their home-grown NBA Shoot Out 98 takes on EA Sports’ NBA Live 98. Who has the best shot at the title?

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NBA Live 97

PSX PlayStation NBA Live 97

Free of the 16-Bit sprites, NBA Live 97 comes alive in 3D polygon graphics with all new features in EA Sports yearly basketball offering.

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NBA Live 98

PSX PlayStation NBA Live 98

EA Sports continues their basketball series with NBA Live 98 on the Sony PlayStation. All new control schemes and features make the yearly update.

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Steel Harbinger

PSX PlayStation Steel Harbinger

Mindscape brings Steel Harbinger – a femme fatale in skimpy clothing who is ready to save the world from an alien invasion.

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Steel Reign

PSX PlayStation Steel Reign

Sony continues their genre dominance with Steel Reign – a 1 to 2 Player blast-a-thon where you bring tanks to a war zone.

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Star Fighter

PSX PlayStation Star Fighter

Acclaim and Studio 3DO bring another port to the PlayStation, this time with Star Fighter. Shoot damn near everything in this slower paced shooter.

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