Book 1: Alien Robots Attack!
Follow the tales of an imaginative young boy and his adorable companions! With the help of his Dreaming Key, Amy the Cat and Auberon the Bear, the Boy goes on epic adventures and amusing journeys into the unknown.When an invasion of Alien Robots invades their small town of St. Reverie, it’s up to the three of them to save the city with the ultimate secret device. A secret that can only be powered by the Dreaming Key…Will our trio survive? Will they save the day?

Book 1.5: Amy’s Tale
Where do imaginary friends come from?A prequel to ‘The Boy with the Dreaming Key: Alien Robots Attack!’, ‘Amy’s Tale’ follows the Boy’s feline partner from her very start, all the way up to the events that transpire in the first book.See Amy be born into the world of imagination, meet some of her past children, and see the first time she ever met Auberon, the Boy’s trusty imaginary bear partner.What are you waiting for?

Book 2: The Island of Fool’s Dread
The Boy and his friends are back! After tackling giant alien robots in his first adventure, this time his imagination brings him to the high seas in search of treasure. This hunt will bring him face to face with the Island of Fool’s Dread – where no boy has dare gone before.For the first time we get to see the ‘queen’ of the family as well. The sea is waiting, matey!

Book 2.5: Auberon’s Tale
This book introduces Leo the Leopard, the Boy’s muse. Auberon and Leo relax for a moment, while Auberon reveals his origins and the special bond he has between the boy and the boy’s father.