PlayStation Official Silver Bottom Variants

So here’s the deal – up until now, any time you heard the phrase ‘silver bottom’ in reference to a PlayStation One game, you knew it was a pirated disc, or at the very least a misprint.

No more.

Thanks to some wonderful sleuth work by Game-Rave readers (I love all of you) and credit card abuse by yours truly, we can now confirm six honest-to-god, 100% authentic ‘Silver Bottom’ variants in the Sony stable. Regretfully, it seems they’ve dried up from the once bountiful well that was Square-Enix’s online store.








Interestingly, these are not alone – it seems the Silver Bottom extends to PlayStation 2 games that were once the true blue and then reprinted into silver.

There is the possibility of Metal Gear Solid 1 in the MGS Triple Pack PS2 set being a Silver Bottom, though nothing yet is confirmed.

If you have spotted a Silver Bottom PSone game that is not listed here, please contact me and we can research it together!