An amazing “Thank You!”
To Our Patreon Members Past and Present!

Celebrating creativity and adventure in our favorite past-times, these are just some of our amazing Patrons. To see what they’re up to, just click their names and you’ll be taken to their sites. Looking to see how you can help support Game-Rave as well? Head over to the Patreon page to find out.

Alan R.

Andrew “PSXdad” N.

Arvid A.


Dakota O.

Dylan S.


Good Nick


Jacob Rodriguez

Jason A.

Jeff C.

Kristy S.

Mike MGarcia

SCEE Net Yaroze Archive

Shamus B.

$10 Tier Patreon Post Card Gifts

Patrons who join or change their pledges to the $10 Tier get a one-of-a-kind, hand drawn and numbered postcard from Jason. You choose what goes on the card, and he gets to draw it and mail it off. The Post Cards are limited to 100 total pieces. Once the patron gets their card, the artwork goes on display here for all to see.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a way for people to support their favorite artists, bloggers, entertainers, and content creators. With, your support funds the ever on-going production of both and our YouTube channel GameRaveTV. This has included green screen produced episodes, access to the latest Adobe software for video and image creation, and more. Be part of something special!

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