Mar. 27 New Releases: Vandal-ism

Hey now my fine gamer brethren, have we go one for the RPG fans out there. But first…

Peak Performance came out this morning, a Japanese import translated for the racing enthusiasts. We’ll eventually look at it.

Jewel Case Release – 1 Ring

The game you need to look at is Konami’s imported joy – Vandal Hearts. A strategy RPG with amazing combat and excellently cheeky death animations, it will be the must have game of the month. Don’t let this one pass you buy. This was has ‘franchise’ written all over it.

Double Jewel Case Release – 2 Ring Version

That’s it for today, the postman brings two more tomorrow…

This Anniversary News Update celebrates the Game’s original release date 20 years later. This is part of a series treating the PlayStation as if it launched September 9th, 2015.