March 20, New Releases: Mega Bass Ship

Dear lord it’s almost April already! For those folks not looking forward to the cinematic experiences of Liar, Liar or The Saint coming out this week, the PlayStation has a nice variety of games to tackle today.

Our first suspect is Big Bass World Championship Fishing – a 3D upgrade of a Super Nintendo title. Please note that if you’re confused, some stores not only had this listed as “Bass Fishing World Championship” during pre-order, but the game was delayed since last year.

Jewel Case Release – Double Ring Variant

If water is your thing, but you need your boat to be a bit more hefty and your opponents less fishy, then Battle Stations is for you. Electronic Arts has had an interesting taste in oddball titles, and this is no different. Take navy warships and toss them into a one-on-one fight fest. There’s a campaign mode to boot, but I’ve been too busy driving in circles to notice it.

Jewel Case Release – Single Ring Disc

If water isn’t your thing, than Capcom has your number dialed. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary (already!?) of Mega Man’s original NES release, Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition brings gorgeous 2D animation to the PlayStation. Pre-Order folks are treated to a physical mini-art book of the in-game characters, while regular folk will pick up the standard edition case instead.

Jewel Case Release – Includes 12 Page Mini Art Book.

That does it for the day. Next week we hit the waves again, this time with a Tiger.


This Anniversary News Update celebrates the Game’s original release date 20 years later. This is part of a series treating the PlayStation as if it launched September 9th, 2015.