May 31, 2000 New Releases: Covert Ops, Arena Football, and Striker Pro

May ends with three games for the PlayStation, a fitting last push before the summer releases begin.

First game out of the Funcoland bag is Kurt Warner’s Area Football Unleashed from Midway. Taking the NFL Blitz formula and applying it to Canadian Football only seemed logical. I mean, that stuff is already crazy as it is.

PlayStation Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed

Jewel Case Release

Second on the sports docket is Striker Pro 2000, a follow-up four years after the original Striker launched in a long box. The soccer field is getting crowded as it is, so I’m not sure how new entries into forgotten IPs will make a difference against the likes of FIFA.

PlayStation Striker Pro 2000

Jewel Case Release

Last game of the month is a our cover story, Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn. Trapped on a runaway train, it’s your mission to make sure the bad guys don’t get their hands on a nuclear weapon – or worse – launch it. More goodies don’t hit till June 3rd, I’ll see you there!

PlaySTation Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

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