The Smurfs

PlayStation The Smurfs

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Genre: Adventure CDs: 1
Publisher: Infogrames Released: December 14, 1999
Developer: Heliogame Production UPC: 0 20295 14019 9
Sony ID: SLUS-01008 PSRM: 016340
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

They’re back! This time on the PlayStation game console. Join Hefty Smurf’s adventure and help rescue Baby Smurf and nine of his friends kidnapped by Gargamel, the Smurf’s long time enemy. The adventure is split into two parts, It’s a Piece of Cake – and when you’re ready – It’s no picnic.

It’s a Piece of Cake

  • Introducing the virtual Baby SMurf – care for him and make sure he stays happy.
  • Each level contains items and food he needs.
  • Explore seven levels
  • Learn the basic PlayStation commands

It’s No Picnic

  • Encounter ten new settings and enemies
  • Special checkpoints keep game play moving
  • Remember to care for the virtual baby

Discover the Smurfs’ forest + its secrets

  • Ski down hills + perform somersaults
  • Explore mysterious mines
  • Experience mountainous adventures
  • Encounter hidden dangers
  • Uncover secret worlds


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  • The Smurfs were a popular Saturday morning cartoon show in the 1980’s based on a Belgian comic strip created by Pierre Culliford in the 1950’s.

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