PlayStation “Link Cable” Games

In the modern world of gaming, ‘couch co-op’ has long since been left to the wayside for strictly online multiplayer. Why allow people to all play together in a room and have some laughs when you can charge each of them a yearly membership fee? While the Nintendo 64 will always be remembered as the “4 Player Machine” thanks to its large collection of family targeted games, the PlayStation was no slouch either. The PlayStation did have an amazing feature that Sony sadly never required as mandatory when it came to multi-player – Link Up mode.

Link Up mode was essentially a 2 System Lan: You connected two PlayStations to two TVs, each having a copy of the game, and then you linked them together with the Link Cable. That meant rather than split screen, you now had a screen for yourself and likewise for your rival.

Sadly, Sony removed the Link Cable port to save money on system manufacturing, and the option faded into gaming obscurity.

The following games all support the option.