Feb. 26 New Release: *BARF*

Holy motion sickness, Batman. If you’re not one for merry-go-rounds or spinning in place, you need to avoid the game store today at all costs. Today’s lone game release is Shadow Master from Psygnosis – a first person tank game where it’s you against a horde of bad guys looking for things to consume. The problem is that the game tries to simulate the motion of the buggy, right down to the bouncing and sliding…and it made me motion sick. To the point of headache motion sick. This doesn’t bode well for the eventual review of the game. For now, tread carefully while I locate a sickness bag…

Jewel Case Release

While I’m heaving, you can mail-away the game’s Survey Card to get a free mini-comic, picture below and featured on the game’s media page.

Mail-Away Comic

This Anniversary News Update celebrates the Game’s original release date 20 years later. This is part of a series treating the PlayStation as if it launched September 9th, 2015.