Nov. 3rd New Releases: Testing a Moto

Okay, seriously publishers, can we all just chill for a week, maybe two? There are 22 games coming out in November alone, and I only have so many hours in the day to cover these things.

Today brings us a pair of racing games, one two-wheeled and one four-wheeled. First off the starting line is Moto Racer, from the house that gave us Flashback and Fade to Black.

Jewel Case Release

The other is Accolade’s newest numbered racer with Test Drive 4.

Jewel Case Release

Tomorrow brings us fisticuffs that was once planned for the Saturn…but is now on PlayStation. Stay tuned!


This Anniversary News Update celebrates the Game’s original release date 20 years later. This is part of a series treating the PlayStation as if it launched September 9th, 2015.