New Releases for July 23: Batting for the Cycle

Oh puns.

So today’s new releases cover the joys of Mudville and the fine folks who pretty much work exclusively in mud. Out of the literal starting gate is PlayMates Interactive’s VMX Racing. I’ve never been good at these types of games, and considering the amount of negative flak the game’s been getting in the early reviews, I think I’ll just hold off on playing it today.

Jewel Case Release

Our other newbie today is Sony’s latest update to their baseball franchise, MLB 98. Having dropped the ‘Pennant Race’ from the name, the now rather boringly named diamond cutter is proving its worth at the sales counter, as reviews from other sites are pouring in singing the game’s praises. No one has ever really challenged EA Sports’ legacy, but it looks like a certain company is about to throw down the baseball glov…gauntlet.

Jewel Case Release – Single Ring

No more new releases till August, so start finishing those games!

This Anniversary News Update celebrates the Game’s original release date 20 years later. This is part of a series treating the PlayStation as if it launched September 9th, 2015.