Custom OPM Demo Case Inserts

Here we go again!

One of’s oldest fan appreciation kits is finally back on-line for download. The Official PlayStation Magazine Demos never came in sleeves – they were just shrinkwrapped to a piece of thin cardboard.

Way, way back in 2005, on the PlayStation’s 10th Anniversary, we designed a full set of slim jewel case inserts to give the set a truly glorious look for the shelf. For starters, here’s what the cases look like individually:

Once the the entire set was assembled and lined up numerically, the spines formed a wall of some of PlayStation’s most infamous characters.

The “PlayStation Perfect Guide” is what we called ourselves in the beginning – a nod to the Japanese Guides that covered damn near everything in a game. We left it in for nostalgia’s sake.

How to use:

1. Download the Zip File of the Full Set By Clicking HERE.

2. Unzip the file where you like, and then open the files you want to print.

3. Trim the inserts from the paper, and be sure to remove the small white tabs on the top left and bottom left of the file – that’s where the hinge of the slim jewel case rests.

4. Score and then fold the very thin spine into place.

5. Slide into Slim Jewel Case. Gently press spine and black bar area into place to make sure they’re snug.

6. Check to make sure everything is cool and not wrinkly!

7. Repeat 53 or so more times. Enjoy. 🙂