April 9 New Releases: POWAH

Now we’re talking. First person shooter fans, your day has arrived. First on the chopping block is Brahma Force, a corridor FPS with you inside a giant mech once again. A staple of the Japanese diet, these can be fairly hit or miss in the States. God awful cover on this one though…

Jewel Case Release: 2 Ring Version

The big prize of the week is Power Slave – a damn fine FPS where you’ll be going up against aliens in an Egyptian themed world. If you happen to have the Sega Saturn, you may want to snag both copies. Turns out there are some differences worth noting.

Jewel Case Release: 1 Ring Variant

See you tomorrow!

This Anniversary News Update celebrates the Game’s original release date 20 years later. This is part of a series treating the PlayStation as if it launched September 9th, 2015.