Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Origin takes a multi-million dollar gamble by trying to merge full motion video games with flight simulation.

Ridged Plastic Long Box Ridged Plastic Long Box

Spaceship Shooter
CDs: 4
(599, 623, 609, 599 Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Teen
Mild Language
Animated Violence
Electronic Arts
Retail Barcode:
0 17814 10110 6
1 Block
Sony ID:
SLUS-00019, 00134, 00135, 00136
March 28, 1996
000370, 1230, 1240, 1250

The First True Interactive Movie for your PlayStation Game Console
Adrenaline, romance, humor, danger – Wing Commander III has all this and more. This sequel completes the turbulent chronicles of the Terran-Kilrathi war. The final showdown takes place on one of the homeworlds-Earth or Kilrah. But only you can write the ending…

Professionally scripted and filmed in Hollywood, ORIGIN’s multi-million-dollar production combines the entertainment of film-making with the interactivity of computer gaming. The result is a spectacular spaceflight adventure.

  • Ensemble cast featuring Mark Hamil, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, Tom Wilson, Jason Bernard and Ginger Allen
  • Character interaction – you control plot, conversation paths and ending
  • Full 16-bit digital soundtrack for cinematics, plus orchestral music and digitized speech in space combat
  • SGI-rendered sets that take advantage of the PlayStation’s graphical processing power
  • Never-before-seen film footage and news briefs not available in the PC version
  • 50 intense, photo-realistic missions and 5 configurable fighters
  • Over 3 hours of live-action video on 4 “pop-and-play” CDs



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Flat Cardboard Release Flat Cardboard Release
Jewel Case Release Jewel Case Release


  • The Jewel Case release changes the ESRB stats to ‘Realistic Violence’.
  • PlayStation Version includes sequences not in the PC Version