The Hive

The Hive

A small company known for fan favorite movies and direct-to-dvd sales opens up a gaming company...and releases an FMV Game. What could possibly go wrong?

Double Jewel Case Release Double Jewel Case Release

Full Motion Video
CDs: 2
(?? Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Animated Violence Animated Blood & Gore
Trimark Interactive
Retail Barcode:
7 91890 10150 1
1 Block
Rainbow America
Sony ID:
SLUS-00120, 00182
July 31, 1996
001520, 003090

Infiltrate.  Annihilate. Exterminate.

The sinister NoirDyne Corporation has reactivated a once abandoned bioweapons production facility: The Hive. Operated by genetically engineered creatures called Hivasects, the Hive is producing a toxic substance to be used as a biological weapon. You and your partner, Ginger, had been given an assignment to infiltrate NoirDyne. Something went terribly wrong … your cover was blown and now the chase is on. With the help of Ginger’s brief data loads, you must battle your way through enemy fighters, ground troops, robot weapons, and deadly alien Hivasects. Destroy The Hive, save Ginger… and the Galaxy.

  • Killer 16 bit graphics…
  • 65,000 colors
  • 20 scenes of pulse-pounding arcade action
  • Two game play styles: gut-wrenching action sequences combined with never-before-seen Panoractive(TM) game play that puts you in the middle of the action


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  • Trimark Interactive was a branch out from Trimark Pictures -a movie company probably most famous for Warlock and Leprechaun.
  • …and yes, they published the Warlock game on Genesis, too.
  • That said, they’re probably most notoriously known in the gaming industry for being the company that published the Jaguar game White Men Can’t Jump.
  • The PSRM is a little peculiar – 99% of the time, discs 2 and up will be a few numbers ahead of disc one. In this instance, Disc 2’s PSRM is over double the original. It begs the question if this was them not realizing they would need a second disc late in the game, or if Sony had just assigned a crap ton of them to other developers when Trimark requested the second one.
  • The game boasts “Killer 16-Bit Graphics” while being released on a 32-Bit system.