Ten Pin Alley

Ten Pin Alley

ASC Games releases one of the greatest bowling games of our time, and it's hidden behind cartoon characters and slapstick humor.

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Sports / Bowling
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 to 6 Players
ESRB: Kids to Adults
No Descriptors
ASC Games
Retail Barcode:
7 29627 32009 3
1 Block
Adrenaline Entertainment
Sony ID:
November 30, 1996

Hit the lanes with all the pin-crashing, wall-shaking personality of real bowling.  Every night is bowling night with 12 colorful characters, male and female, righty and lefty, each with their own inimitable styles.

  • Chose alley environments -Retro Maui Bowl, Contemporary Ten Pin Alley or kill the lights with crazy Conga Bowl. The precise physics of your ball hitting the pins is so technically advanced and graphically dazzling… you’ll be bowled over!
  • Choose weight and design of your ball.
  • Create your own ball spin and power to conquer lane conditions.
  • Create your own personal bowler.
  • Open and Tournament modes let YOU set the challenge.
  • Track performance with detailed career stats.

Pro bowling precision AND pin crashing fun!

Sanctioned by the Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum. Share the passion for America’s greatest participation sport. Up to six players at once make it an outrageous party!


Quick Capsule: One of the best bowling games ever made, and to this day still has the best pin physics in a console video game.


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Jewel Case Release: 1 Ring Variant (Kids to Adult ESRB)


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  • The basis for Adrenaline’s other fantastic bowling series, Brunswick Pro Bowling.
  • Don’t let the cartoon characters fool you – besides the fantastic physics, the game actually has changing oil conditions, just like real life. If your strike ball is fading early, you need to move your throw spot!
  • Eventually gave way to the Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley sequel.
  • Every so often the physics engine for the pins will freak out. Some of my favorite glitches include a pin becoming gigantic for a split second (no…uh…pun intended) and one time the head pin wouldn’t stop spinning.