Take Immediate Action (Holiday Picks ’97)

Take Immediate Action (Holiday Picks ’97)

A Demo Release that's a variant of another demo release...and it's variant...

Version 1 - "No Final Fantasy Data" Version 1 – “No Final Fantasy Data”

CDs: 1 (2 Versions)
(485 or 537 Megs)
ESRB: Not Rated
No Descriptors
Retail Barcode:
Sony ID:
Analog, Vibration
November 1997

Take Immediate Action

  1. Locate the nearest PlayStation Game Console.
  2. Lock all doors and disconnect phone lines to avoid interruption.
  3. . Insert this FREE disc and immerse yourself in a ton of playable game demos.

WARNING: Potential Side Effects may include sudden outbursts of fun, fits of rage and habit-forming addiction. In case of addiction, do not consult a physician…get more PlayStation games!


Meet one of the most peculiar demo discs released. It’s essentially just a re-skinned version of the Interactive Sampler Vol. 5…except…both the PBPX AND the SCUS versions. Which means that a demo and it’s variant each became another variant.

This is why I drink alcohol, folks.

That said, here’s what’s on the disc:

Armored Core
Colony Wars (with code)
Cool Boarders 2
Crash Bandicoot 2 – Cortex Strikes Back
Fighting Force (with code)
Intelligent Qube
Jet Moto 2
NFL Gameday ’98
NHL Faceoff ’98
PaRappa the Rapper
Star Wars – Masters of the Teras Kasi
Tomb Raider II

Cool Boarders 2
Gex 2 (Gex – Enter the Gecko)
Gran Turismo 2
Intelligent Qube
Jet Moto 2
NFL Gameday ’98
PaRappa the Rapper
Star Wars – Masters of the Teras Kasi
Tomb Raider II


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Version 2 - "With Final Fantasy Data" Version 2 – “With Final Fantasy Data”

As stated in the review, the demo has a variant that is completely the same except for some data buried in one of the sub-folders. Essentially one has movie files for Final Fantasy VII and the other does not. There is literally no way to tell which disc is which from the outside, you *must* put it into a computer and do file checks. That said, there are several ways to do the file check based on what you have available.

The easiest way is to just toss them into a PC and compare files sizes. There will be a 50ish Meg difference between the two.

If you throw the discs into a computer or media player that reads track names, you can actually use the track names. One disc will have the Track Names labelled, the other disc will not.

If you don’t have a media player, the files for the FF7 movie are buried (or not…) in the Main –> Menu — > Movies Path.



  • A re-package of Interactive Sampler Vol. 5 and it’s PBPX variant.
  • The movie of Final Fantasy VII is apparently viewable, but I’m not sure how to access it.