Shadow Madness

Shadow Madness

Crave Entertainment brings another role playing game to the PlayStation's ever-growing library of them.

Double Jewel Case Release with Demo

Role Playing Game
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Teen
Animated Blood
Comic Mischief
Use of Tobacco & Alcohol
Crave Entertainment
Retail Barcode:
6 50008 19805 8
1 Block
Sony ID:
SLUS-00468, 00718
Analog, Vibration
September 1, 1999
014010, 014020

“Deep, involving storyline and beautiful graphics” -GamePro
“Epic… Unravels like a good mystery” -PSM

The fantastic world of Arkose is under siege. Chaos reigns as a mysterious plague, known as “Shadow Madness,” infects the masses. With no known cure, it strikes without warning, leaving behind wile creatures and piles of dust where its victims once stood. As the one hope to this doomed land, you must stop this scourge before it stops you.

“World of pre-rendered backgrounds, sharp dialogue and moody music.” -OPM



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Shadow Madness’ Day 1 Edition came with a playable demo of Jade Cocoon, essentially being a pre-order bonus at the time. Once the first wave of games were sold through, the second batch removed the demo and updated the inserts. The “With Demo” version will have the 3 Disc Icon on both front and back insert, while the standard version will have the “2 Disc Icon”.  The game disc artwork appear to be the same in both, though the actual double jewel case no longer has the third peg for the demo.

While not important but worth noting, the second print has slightly adjusted color levels, making the artwork on both the inserts and discs slightly more vibrant. You could not tell the difference unless you had them side by side.

Double Jewel Case Release



  • One of the few double jewel case games whose manual artwork does not match the cover artwork.
  • One of the first games to display both the Analog and Vibration icons in support of the Dual Shock Controller.