Project Horned Owl

Project Horned Owl

Sony brings together arcade gun shooting with a world class character designer.

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Light Gun Game
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 or 2 Players
ESRB: Teen
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
7 11719 44082 6
1 Block
Sony ID:
Mouse, Light Gun
August 9, 1996

An invasion of mechanized terrorists turns your city into an urban battleground!

Time: the future- Metro City is under attack from legions of robots directed by a twisted dictator. Your squad of mech-suited cops hits the ground, transformed into deadly defense unit. Your city is buckling, street by street – can you stop a total mech takeover?

  • A non-stop action shooter exclusively for the PlayStation game console.
  • Two player co-op mode and KONAMI ENFORCER Gun support double the destruction!
  • Interactive backgrounds allow you to blast cars, obliterate walls and annihilate mech suits on factory conveyors. Watch out-innocent civilians are everywhere!
  • Incredible Japanese anime sequences connect battle scenes into an all out urban war!
  • Rapid fire combat packed with futuristic war machines including cybercops, armored mechs with automatic weapons, tanks, missiles, bombs, energy scans and high-tech Heads-Up-displays.



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  • The first US PlayStation game to support the Light Gun.
  • The box copy actually has an unintentional typo – it refers to Konami’s light gun as the “Enforcer”, when it was clearly released as the Justifier. This may have been a last minute name switch that wasn’t caught by the production team.
  • The gun’s name originated from its early arcade origins, when it came in blue and pink on the Lethal Enforcers machine. This may explain the typo.
  • Character designs are by Masamune Shirow, who is most famous for the anime / manga series Ghost in the Shell.
  • In Japan, the Justifier was released in black. America got a bright green one due to gun laws.
  • Voice Actor Christopher Sullivan also lent his talents to the fan favorite Deadly Premonition.