Jumping Flash!

Jumping Flash!

One of the most joyfully original platformers storms onto the PlayStation.



CDs: 1
(532 Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Kids to Adult
Mild Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
7 11719 41032 4
1 to 3 Blocks
Sony ID:
November 10, 1995

“…simply superb” -Next Generation

The evil Baron Aloha has seized the planet’s six worlds as his own private retreat. Commandeer Robbit, the jumping, shooting robotic rabbit, on a mission to stomp out the royal menace and his gang of pests. Save the planet… if you can keep from losing your lunch!

A VERY original concept! This adventure takes a giant leap forward as state-of-the-art technology meets action/strategy.

The 1st person perspective immerses you into a 3-D fantasy. Hop and soar with realistic views and rapid perspective changes guaranteed to look and feel like the real thing.

18 levels and incredible bonus stages will overwhelm you with vivid graphics. Rapid-fire shots, special weapons and plenty of power-ups!


This game illustrates why I love the original PlayStation above anything else Sony ever put out; creativity. In a current world where realism is strived for and imagination is left at the T.V. remote, it’s refreshing to see a game just go, “Screw it, we’re having robotic rabbits.”

 Jumping Flash was one of those early releases that just had fun with the technology available at the time. Forget speed, lighting effects, video compression, and just let the player see what a 3D environment can be from a higher perspective. Your main hero Robbit is a squeaky voiced, triple jumping robotic rabbit that just needs to get 4 Jet Packs in a stage before he can move on. To do that, you’ll need to accurately triple jump your way around various stages, all with specific themes. From indoor volcano levels, to a tribute to Through the Looking Glass, each stage is a creative tour to force with enough vibrant colors to make even Rainbow Brite blush.

Controls are pretty accurate, and the game’s not really that hard. In fact, a seasoned gamer could probably beat this in day, maybe even half a day. But the journey isn’t the completion, but the exploration. There are hundreds of power-ups Robbit can collect in threes to use, including fireworks, Acorn bombs, and other festive weapons. Otherwise he can both pounce and shoot the adorably cute opposition.

In the days of beating Normandy to death, companies going license hungry, and too many new genres being flooded in their first life cycle, it’s nice to know every once in a while you can hang out with a bunny and still have a few good laughs. Might as well jump…





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psx-jumping-flash-plastic-variant Ridged Long Box Variant


  • Jumping Flash’s oddball character Muu became a somewhat celebrity of sorts. They even had their own PocketStation game.
  • Bernie Stolar of Sega infamy is listed in the special thanks.
  • Robbit’s not that patient. If you stand still too long in-game, or hang on the Continue screen without saying anything, he’ll keep shouting, “Come on!”
  • If you’re having trouble with a boss, do what comes naturally for a rabbit; jump on the boss’s head! If you can keep your pattern, you can literally bounce on the opponent and just shoot them from above.
  • One of the stages is based off of the novel Through the Looking Glass, complete with chess pieces and giant pocket watch.
  • There is a robot boss constructed out of giant cubes that transforms into various iterations, including a floating mine and a giant starfish. He seems almost like a tribute combination of the Genesis title Gunstar Heroes  two robot bosses.
  • On the final stage before the boss, you’re actually in outer space, above the clouds. If you look up, you’ll see star patterns.
  • The final confrontation takes place in an arena that’s a tad similar to the final stage in Battle Arena Toshinden.
  • Once you beat the game, ‘Extra’ worlds are unlocked that remix the original stages. With the proper sequences, you can also unlock a way to jump up to 6 times in height!
  • Voice actor Brian Bowles has quite a video game track record.

The Verdict


The Good: Originality | Creative Levels | One of the Earliest “Wow” 3D games long before Super Mario 64.

The Bad: The game’s controls haven’t aged as well as they should have, but still very good