Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Square's behemoth of a role playing game series jumps ship from Nintendo to the PlayStation in breathtaking fashion.

Double Jewel Case Release – “Realistic Violence” ESRB Variant

CDs: 1
(620, 608, 547 Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Teen
Realistic Violence
Retail Barcode:
7 11719 41632 6
1 Block (up to 15)
Sony ID:
September 3, 1997
006400, 006710, 006720

“…quite possibly the greatest game ever made.”  – GameFan Magazine.

An epic adventure across 3 cd-roms.

What begins as a rebellion against an evil corporation becomes much more. And what erupts goes beyond imagination.  With vivid landscapes, lush 3D animation and environments, Squaresoft’s multi-million dollar masterpiece is like nothing ever seen before. And it is only on PlayStation.

“Towers over the competition in terms of graphics, sounds, story, and playability”  -Game Pro Magazine



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Double Jewel Case Release – Masterp ece Misprint. Changes ESRB Descriptors.


Double Jewel Case Release – 2 Ring, 3rd Disc Variant. Confirmed with other copies, only the 3rd disc has the 2 Ring set-up.


Double Jewel Case Release – Masterpiece Corrected


Double Jewel Case Variant – Split Misprint – GH Release with Black Label Insert, “1 Blocks” typo.


Double Jewel Case Release – GH Misprint with Sephiroth on both internal sides, “1 Blocks” typo.


Double Jewel Case Release – GH Misprint with just “1 Blocks” Memory Card Mistake



  • One of the most beloved and loathed releases of all time.
  • Biggs, Wedge, and Cid are all recurring characters – and yes, the first two are references to Star Wars.
  • Cloud continues the water based naming tradition of the protagonists, with Squall in FF8 and Locke in FF6.
  • Would be the first time series illustrator Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork would not be used for principal game usage.
  • One of the in-game towns has a clipping issue glitch. If you keep walking against the building wall, Cloud will actually walk up the building, not into the distance.
  • The US Version, aside from minor game play fixes also included two new enemies; Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon. Square would later re-release the American Version in Japan as the “International Version.”
  • You can acquire a character’s Final Attack despite it happening long after they are gone.
  • You can access a programmer’s debug room with the use of a GameShark cheat device.
  • Despite the game box claiming 1 Memory Block to save, you can actually save 15 times, 1 block each. If you view your memory card files, each save is a different character in the game.
  • Was the first Final Fantasy game to have direct sequels, both in-game and in media. After the release of the Advent Children movie in Japan, Square released a Collector’s Edition of FF7 that featured the newer CG models on the disc art.
  • The tales of there being a Final Fantasy 7 remake go back all the way to the day the PlayStation 2 was first announced. Despite all the rumors, fan demand, and more, it would not be until 2015 at E3 that Square finally confirmed a remake was in the process. It became an episodic, more real-time battle system game rather than menu based.
  • One of the most misprinted, if not the most misprinted, game cases in the PlayStation library.