3D Baseball

3D Baseball

Crystal Dynamics enters the baseball world.

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Sports / Baseball
CDs: 1
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1  to 2 Players
ESRB: Kids to Adults
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Crystal Dynamics
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Crystal Dynamics
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November 27, 1996

Crystal Dynamics presents the most realistic baseball video game ever published. Real Motion Control 3D technology serves up incredibly life-like 3D polygonal models that bat, pitch, and hit like real players.

  • 700 Actual Major League Baseball Players and Stats
  • Over 50 of the league’s top players’ batting stances
  • Dig in and face heat from 5 controllable perspectives
  • General Manager mode: trade players, modify player stats and build the ultimate dream team.
  • Van Earl Wright fires up the action with over 1,000 supercharged color comments.


Quick Capsule: Take a trip down memory lane with one of the earliest attempts at true 3D baseball (ironic, no?) on the PlayStation. Features the real players and their stats, but no team names or official parks. The game has different camera angle choices and is easily playable without looking at the manual.

Despite the anorexic player models, the game boasts a rather impressive camera system that follows the plays at just the right height and distance. It’s a little jerky in the batters box, but over all it isn’t bad. This was Crystal Dynamics litmus test to see if they had a viable sports department after releasing the Slam and Jam basketball game. The test failed, and the “Championship Sports” series quietly disappeared from Crystal Dynamics’ game line up.


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  • Also available on Sega Saturn.
  • Upper Deck provided the player profile images.
  • In the PlayStation version. the in-game menus have a bit more pizzazz to them, otherwise both games are pretty comparable to each other.  
  • Several baseball terms are used on the manual’s credits page to describe various staff members.
  • Though the 4 stadiums are fake, they are inspired by real world locales, including Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.
  • The PlayStation version has this odd glitch where the players, when running onto the field for the first time, all stop and face towards left field. Once the camera pan stops, the players are all magically facing the correct way.
  • Occasionally you’ll see Crystal Dynamics games being used for the ballpark ad spaces.
  • Both Saturn and PlayStation packaging have similar screenshots and name drops, one in particular is the exact same screenshot – it looks like the Saturn version has a PSX image on it’s back panel.