Category: PlayStation

NHL 99

EA Sports and 989 Studios begin their war for the best hokcey game this season, with NHL 99 slamming into Sony's PlayStation system.

Bomberman World

Once a lone Bomberman in a world of bricks and bad guys, Bomberman World brings everyone's favorite panic switch to the PlayStation.

NHL FaceOff 99

KIller Game and Sony return with a fresh pair of skates and all new features in NHL FaceOff 99, this year's in-house hockey offering.


It's the time again! Left turns all day with NASCAR 99, EA Sports newest update to their simulation racing series. I guess that mean's they're on track?

Devil Dice

THQ brings home a literal fan creation in Devil Dice, originally called Sai in Japan. An addictive and unique puzzle game where you use devils to roll dice.

The Unholy War

Developer Toys for Bob unleashes a peculiar combat game that features a Tactics option. This might be one of those sleeper hits you keep hearing about.

Moto Racer 2

Moto Racer 2 joins a growing list of racing sequels and franchises that are building up a significant chunk of the PlayStation library.